CorQuest Inc. is committed to your organizations long term success.  We want to assist you in experiences cultural transformation, not be just a ‘one-hit’ experience.

We have several services to support the learning and growth of your employees and organization:

Coaching: Through Coaching you create meaningful insights that drive positive changes for individuals and leaders to reach their greatest potential.

Refresher Sessions: These are opportunities to revisit the materials, dig deeper on concepts, have discussions to answer questions now that participants have had a chance to implement their learnings.

Next Step Workshops: Once a team has completed a training session there are opportunities for ‘next step’ training.  For example, after completing one course the team or manager may see that a workshop using the Productive Conflict assessment may be valuable for the team.

Comparative Profiling: The 5 Behaviors profile has the capability to generate a comparative report from how the team scored at the start of the program and how they score 9-12 months post their first assessment.  This helps teams to see their transformation, celebrate successes and to identify the next steps for their teams growth.

Comparison Reports: The various DiSC based profiles give great information on how to build stronger relationships and work better together but what if you needed strategies for working with one or two specific individuals?  We are able to generate Comparative Reports between two individuals, based on their two unique styles, which give you detailed strategies on working more effectively together!

DiSC Action Planners: DiSC action planners help people take the insights gained from DiSC and apply them to specific business applications.  

DiSC Sales Action Planner ~ uncover the DiSC behavioral style of a potential client or an existing customer to tailor sales presentations, create successful sales strategies & to negotiate effectively.

DiSC Management Action Planner ~ identify a team member’s DiSC behavioral style and adjust your management approach for more productive interactions.  Learn when to most effectively use directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating approaches.

DiSC Management Performance Action Planner ~ identify an employee’s DiSC behavioral style and gain insight int to employee’s goals and fears.  Then, based on the employee’s willingness and ability, adapt how you manage performance through one of the following approaches: direct, supportive, combination, or empowering.

DiSC Talk! Action Planner ~ help telephone professionals identify a person’s DiSC behavioral style while speaking with them on the phone.  Then use the information to communicate more effectively, increase customer satisfaction, gain commitment, and learn the best way to follow up.

My EVERYTHING DiSC: This interactive online learning portal provides clients with unlimited access to on-demand insights into everything DiSC!